Qualified? To answer questions on the internet? Is there a way to qualify for this?

… so no.

I’m a partnered 42 year old mother of one sassy human teen. I had two cats but one recently died in my arms. The other one is alive and depressed. He has feelings about everything. I have feelings about everything. My teen… yes she has feelings about everything. My partner does an excellent job of functioning as though he does not in fact have feelings about everything. But he does.

I love plants. I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and Panic Disorder. I’m also hearing impaired in one ear. I have a fair number of tattoos many of which are old enough to drink and could stand some touching up. I love boots and believe that any season can in fact be boot season. I’m not straight but damnit I would love it if people stopped trying to define my orientation.

I very much love seeing people be their best selves — even just trying to be. I love knowing that people are working to make humanity a little bit better for everyone. And for some reason my entire life people have talked to me. Usually people I know but sometimes a random stranger feels the need to unburden themselves as well. So why not just do all this on the internet?

What People Say

I don’t know, but let’s find out

Me. I’m clever.

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Cami knows a little bit about a lot of things. She also knows nothing about a lot of things. She also does not know what she does not know, so your milage may vary. Advice is for entertainment purposes only.


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